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jedidiah jenkins podcast
5 podcasts that changed my life- Part 1 of 5
5 Podcasts that changed my life- Part I Whenever we hear someone talking about a life-changing experience, we almost always associate it with something big, a grand experience- a reward from a long journey. But really, the ...
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Luxembourg the grund photography
Seven is the magic number | Luxembourg Travel Diary | Valley of the Seven Castles
Although I started the year 2017 bedridden with flu, my heart was full. 2016 was a difficult year for me. I made mistakes, I took up challenges, I failed, I succeeded, I learnt, I grew, I loved, I let go, my heart broke, my sou ...
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You are love!
"Only a closed heart seeks protection. An open heart always seeks expansion." I came across this line whilst listening to a podcast a while ago and there is so much truth in it! Love never wants or needs to be protected, only o ...
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